Light Burden Cash System


Discover our plans for this project

PHASE 01: Conception and Planning

✔️ Ideation and Concept: Generation of ideas to create a new cryptocurrency and income platform.

🔲 Team and Resources: Assembling the team and ensuring necessary resources.

🔲 Feasibility Analysis: Assessment of market demand and risks.

PHASE 02: Smart Contract Development

🔲 Smart Contract Design: Contract specifications including offering, rewards and governance.
🔲 Development and Testing: Creation and rigorous testing of the smart contract.

PHASE 03: Token Launch

🔲 Public Announcement: Announcement of the launch of the new token.
🔲 Sale open to the general public
🔲 Listing on Exchanges: Negotiation with exchanges to list the token.

PHASE 04: Exchange of Old Tokens for New

🔲 Communication with Old Token Holders: Information about migration.
🔲 Exchange Integration: Development of the exchange system.

PHASE 05: Launch of the Income Platform

🔲 Platform Development: Creation of the platform with staking and rewards.
🔲 Platform Tests: Detailed platform tests.
🔲 Launch and Promotion: Launch and promotion of the platform.

PHASE 06: Token distribution

🔲 Private Investors: Release of Private Investor balances for withdrawal, according to the lightpaper
🔲 SPEROCOIN users: Release of SPEROCOIN holders' balance for withdrawal, according to lightpaper
🔲 Community: Release of the balance acquired by the community for withdrawal, according to the lightpaper
🔲 Various Areas: Values ​​will be separated and reserved in specific smart contract addresses, according to the lightpaper
🔲 Foundation: Release of balance for members of the LightBurden Foundation, according to lightpaper

PHASE 07: Continued Maintenance and Growth

🔲 Monitoring and Updates: Continuous monitoring and updates.
🔲 Marketing Strategy: Continuation of the marketing strategy.