Light Burden Cash System



Starting in 2023, LBCh comes up with the idea that brings hope to the cryptocurrency market.
Over the years, we have observed that many projects have lost strength and vitality, often becoming bankrupt projects, bringing losses to their users and owners.
With that, LBCH came up with the idea of ​​hope in the midst of chaos.

We present to the world a cryptocurrency that has a hybrid interface between the Bitcoin blockchain and the Ethereum Virtual Machines interface (EVM), using as a base the project developed by QTUM and ARK.
In our network, previously bankrupt coins can be tokenized at fair GAS prices and may have another opportunity to return to the market, without the need to incur new logistics and structuring costs.


Deliver an agile and lightweight blockchain that meets user needs


Create an ecosystem where diverse projects are interacting with each other directly


To be recognized for our social and educational role in the universe of digital applications

Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP)

LBCh is based on PoS having Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP), allowing specific blockchain configurations to be modified using smart contracts. For example, LBCh’s block size can be increased without the need for a hard fork.

Our principles


No central servers or authority. No censorship. No repudiation. The digital ledger is immutable.


Trust no one, only the code. Cryptographic hashes allow independent verifiction of every transaction.


Anyone can join the network, run a node and participate in consensus. No gatekeepers, no approval needed, ever.

Proof of Stake

LBCh's ultra low power Proof of Stake is environmentally friendly and allows participants with minimal hardware resources to join the network.

Open Source

Security by obscurity is a fool’s errand. Review our source code and build your own apps. Join our developer community on GitHub.


We are stronger together with open discussion and dialog. Join our community and help build adoption.